Torn Page Miraculously Mended

The Testimony of my first miracle at the age of nine  – by Elsabe Briers

From the age of three, my mother put me in Sunday School and I was taught to memorize the Scriptures.  Every night, before going to bed, I would read a passage out of the Bible.  On this particular night, at the age of nine years,  I was reading out of my father’s Bible, and suddenly a page got hooked by my finger and was torn right through the middle, hanging on a thread.  I was fearful that I would get a spanking for this and fervently prayed to my heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus that He would mend the page.  In the morning, when I inspected the Bible, I was overjoyed to find that the page was perfectly whole.  I still have this Bible today.

I believe that by God’s grace my faith  in God’s great miracle power was truly established at this young age, so  that I never doubted that He can do all things – if only we believe.


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