My dearly Beloved children,

I want to bring you under the shadow of My wings where you are safe and protected, but many of you are relying on your own wisdom, strength and understanding.

Self-power is a curse and be it ever so subtle under disguise of false humility, it surfaces in a distortive sound like an instrument out of tune. Its origin is fear, causing the need for control.

If you find any trace of it, repent and bring every faculty of your being under the reign of Christ, putting all your trust fully in Me.

Let Me be the melody, the harmony, the rhythm, the symphony of your life.  Get fully tuned in unison with my frequency – then carry My Kingdom sound of dominion into the earth as mature son of God for My glory and praise.

Prov.3:3-5Jeremiah 17:5-10/ Matt.6:33/ John 15/ John 17



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