In my recent encounters with the Lord, He has repeatedly been prompting me to creatively co-operate with Him in the glory zone by speaking out (declaring) that which He drops into my spirit in His Presence.  This can be in the form of visions, revelation, dream visions, Counsel, Prophetic Word, Words of knowledge, etc.  Then WRITE IT DOWN and every time you see it, REJOICE in His faithfulness.

Sometimes I get so excited in His Presence that I start shouting out His “Now”- Word, praising Him for the manifestation of it;  sometimes singing it back to Him, sometimes weeping because of His awesome power, goodness and grace.

As we worship the Lord in the Holies of holies, experiencing His manifest Presence, He releases His Rhema Word, the “NOW” Word into our spirit man or “He shows us things to come”. In this timeless realm of the glory of God, we come in contact with the power of acceleration.  This is where we have to co-operate with Him to pull that Word or vision from the glory realm into the natural realm by DECLARING it over the situations and people that He brings into our consciousness.  We will be astounded at the speed at which that Word will manifest when it is coupled with the “NOW FAITH”.  Yes, we will SEE the SUBSTANCE in the natural before our eyes as we SEE it by faith in the unseen by the creative anointing on His Word, which we HEARD in the glory realm and speak forth.

As our faith is growing, and we get saturated in His Presence (in worship, prayer, the Word), the Lord is challenging us to believe even for instant change to be brought forth by what we release in the glory according to what we see Him doing and hear Him saying.  We are going to see glorious miracles take place in situations which we “enter into” (even by transportation) in the glory realm, becoming true co-workers with Holy Spirit and then hearing about the manifestations of His creative Word-power afterwards.  The question is, “Can He trust us to give Him the glory?”


 According to Webster’s Dictionary: “ To state or describe exactly the nature, scope and meaning of….”

We each have a unique purpose, call and definite function in the body of Christ, like being an ear or an eye, etc.  We cannot be everything at the same time, but by the Holy Spirit we can function in different ways at different times for different purposes, always in sync with the rest of the body.  Therefore we need to be very sensitive to the unction of the Holy Spirit to be in step and in tune with Him.

God wants us to let Him “DEFINE” our calling, purpose and assignments by coming into agreement with His PROPHETIC WORDS over our lives, calling forth those things that are not (yet) just as though they were.  We have to know our true identity in Christ and with it His power to bring about His plans and purposes for the fulfillment of our destiny in Him and to finish those Kingdom “works” which He has prepared for us from before the foundation of the world to walk in for His glory.


Because of the time acceleration that is taking place now, we need to stay tuned to discern the specific timing and season that we are in and that we are moving into.  Do not hang on to the familiar, clinging to your comfort zone when He is calling you into uncharted waters.  The world harvest that is coming forth calls for sold-out laborers, ready to obey His call instantly.  I sense that for many there are going to be “suddenlies” that will cause you to “jump” over continents by the unction of the Holy Spirit.  Enjoy the “flight” and expect the “impossible” to happen and the supernatural to become natural in the “Presencing”.



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