THIS IS A KAIROS TIME to access new realms in the spirit, discovering secrets and mysteries in hidden places. There is a trumpet call of the Spirit to come through the open door of revelation, by the blood of Jesus Christ into higher dimensions of His glory.(Rev.4)

I have also repeatedly heard that God is opening double doors of blessing in this season – especially in the month of March and that oily alignments are going to come forth through divine appointments and new connections in order to fulfill God’s destiny for our lives.

As a result the enemy of our souls is actively trying every possible strategy to keep God’s children from accessing the glory of His Presence, using distractions, harassments, and assaults on the mind and emotions to break our focus and to draw us out of the secret place.
I heard the Lord say, “Simply step into My Provision in the glory!   Gird up your loins now with the belt of Truth and clothe yourself in Me, in Wisdom.  That will open for you the doors that I want to take you through!”

The KEY OF DAVID (IS: 22:22) resembles the governmental authority to open and shut, to give access or deny access.


Is.22:22 “I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.”

The Keys of the Kingdom (to bind and to loose) are similar and both signify the authority that we have received a kings and priests unto our God to reign on the earth.   (Rev.1:4/ Rev.5:10).

God can give His trusted friends (who do HIs will on the earth) to lock, shut up and close gates and doors to demonic infiltration, stopping the works of the enemy.

To learn more about these keys and the power to open and shut gates, you can watch the video,