Beloved, it is time for renewed focus! The temptation of distraction is great – especially through unexpected issues around you.

Do not be lured into the downward spiral of negative thinking by focusing on your problems. Instead, “Lay aside every weight (of worry and stress) “; then…. Look away unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith”. (Heb.12:1-2)

It requires a discipline to keep your eyes in the posture of “beholding”, but when you shut down the bombardment of enticing thoughts to just quickly give attention to this or that, pressing in to seek the face of our Beloved, the rewards are unimaginable. When we behold Him, all other things fade away and we can immerse ourselves in the glory of His Presence. He knows what we need, but our worship opens the sluice gates of heaven for blessings untold – secret riches of hidden mysteries in the glory!

Be encouraged to prioritize your time with Him above all other voices that clamor for attention. Shut yourself in in the secret place under the shadow of his wings in intimacy and wait on Him – being empowered by the power of His might by getting immersed in the river of glory. This is your place of strengthening to stand in bold authority with the Word of God on your lips – released as a destructive force against the enemy, but at the same time as a creative force to establish His Kingdom.

God bless you to overflowing


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