The Number 11 speaks of fulfilled prophecy and all day I have been hearing the Word “catapult”.

Definition of Catapult: Noun: “A device in which accumulated tension is suddenly released to hurl an object some distance.”

“to move suddenly or at great speed as though hurled by a catapult”.

I sense in my spirit that prophetic promises which have been held back for some time will from this day suddenly “spring forth” as you grab onto it by faith, declaring it boldly into the airways, expecting your breakthrough. It is like the significance of this day as a catapult is huge and like a tipping point, about to launch you into your long-awaited breakthrough – like the breakthrough of many waters.

Therefore I want to encourage you to rise up in faith, break forth into your prophetic declarations and rejoice with expectation that you will see the manifestation thereof shortly. Do not stop until you see it!

As you believe, so will it be. Test yourself whether you are truly in faith. Believe and you WILL receive, yes, believe, My dear one, I am waiting for your faith to soar into My perspectives of no impossibilities! Believe and you will receive!



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