Testimonies from the 21-day Prayer Focus, May- June 8th 2014

GLORY TO GOD for what He is working in us and those we pray for!

Testimony of a lady in South Africa:  She did not partake in the 21-day prayer focus, but a friend (partaking in these prayers) has been praying for her for a long time and was astounded to hear of her breakthrough!  Glory to God!  He hears the prayers of the saints. Continue reading

Torn Page Miraculously Mended

The Testimony of my first miracle at the age of nine  – by Elsabe Briers

From the age of three, my mother put me in Sunday School and I was taught to memorize the Scriptures.  Every night, before going to bed, I would read a passage out of the Bible.  On this particular night, at the age of nine years,  I was reading out of my father’s Bible, and suddenly a page got hooked by my finger and was torn right through the middle, hanging on a thread.  I was fearful that I would get a spanking for this and fervently prayed to my heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus that He would mend the page.  In the morning, when I inspected the Bible, I was overjoyed to find that the page was perfectly whole.  I still have this Bible today.

I believe that by God’s grace my faith  in God’s great miracle power was truly established at this young age, so  that I never doubted that He can do all things – if only we believe.





by Elsabe Briers

When I was little, I was very strong-willed and remember an incident where I was about 6 years old, riding with my grandmother in a horse-cart, which was my most favorite treat whenever I visited her.  There were two horses before the cart and immediately I wanted to take a hold of the reins. My grandmother had her hands full to control the very lively horses, but gave me the back part of the reins.  I remember how annoyed I was with her for not wanting to give me the full reins.   This was part of the background of my carnal nature. Continue reading