Testimonies from the 21-day Prayer Focus, May- June 8th 2014

GLORY TO GOD for what He is working in us and those we pray for!

Testimony of a lady in South Africa:  She did not partake in the 21-day prayer focus, but a friend (partaking in these prayers) has been praying for her for a long time and was astounded to hear of her breakthrough!  Glory to God!  He hears the prayers of the saints.

She has been in the bondage of self-rejection because of a sin that she committed several years ago and she couldn’t forgive herself. Because of that she was gripped by fear and guilt and condemnation.  God brought her to breakthrough through repentance and accepting the perfect price He paid on Calvary! Hallelujah!

God’s glory light has healed all her soul wounds and she is now clothed in the garment of righteousness – clean and white, spotless and without wrinkle (old areas of darkness) through the blood of the Lamb and she has accepted herself to be part of His beloved Bride.  What a joy and victory!

PS:  The lady who has been praying for her has unexpectedly received a glorious breakthrough in her spiritual life on the same day and her joy was restored!

On the same day her teenage daughter received emotional healing and all the weights of oppression came off!

Isn’t God good?!  We praise and glorify You, Lord, for Your glory and grace and that we can be partakers of Your glory as our inheritance in Christ! Hallelujah!


Testimony of Financial Breakthrough.

When we pray for others for their financial breakthroughs, God may speak to us to be His instrument.

This testimony is about a lady in America who first received a financial breakthrough herself. She has been praying for a struggling minister in South Africa and God spoke to her to bless his ministry – perfectly in time!  May God bless her abundantly for her obedience!

It is more blessed to give than to receive! We are blessed to be a blessing!   Hallelujah!


Three other testimonies have come in of financial breakthrough from a lady and a man in the States and a couple in South Africa.


Ministry Breakthrough:   Two lady ministers, who have been stuck, have received fresh vision, prophetic clarity and breakthrough in their ministries.  Praise the Lord!


A man from Canada has reported that he has come into a place of complete peace and rest while believing God for his daughter who needs salvation and deliverance.

LET US STAND TOGETHER for our brother and his prayers for his daughter and we declare that she be saved and delivered to serve the Lord – in Jesus’ Name!  She will!  Hallelujah!


I can testify that the Lord has given me a fresh baptism of joy and a continuous song of praise! Hallelujah!  I am so excited for what He has in store for us in this new season – ready to take His glory into every place I put my feet, seeing signs, wonders and miracles!  How about you?



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