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Dear Readers,

We have an exciting announcement to make:

Our first issue of “ONE VOICE” Prophetic e-gazine has just been launched.  This is an assignment that issued out of a very powerful encounter that I had with the Lord on December 6th, 2012 and is packed with various Prophetic Words and Visions and also artwork that pertain to what the Lord has in store globally, and especially for South Africa.

Our aim is to exhort, comfort and edify the body of Christ with timely prophetic insights and teachings in order “to hear and to see” what the Spirit is saying globally, adding our voices in unison to His in “ONE VOICE” to see His Name be glorified, His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


If you have any questions or difficulties downloading the e-gazine please send an email to


We want to inspire everyone who wants to take part in prayers and declarations in agreement with God’s plans and purposes to fill the earth with His glory, to spend much time in worship and prayer.  Ascend in the Spirit and LISTEN to hear the counsel of the Almighty for your particular region, state, country or continent.  He needs your voice to come into agreement with HIS VOICE until the Bride becomes united in ONE to call forth His glory invasion into the earth.


UNITY is the Key for VICTORY and now those in the body of Christ need to recognize that everyone has a different mandate from the Lord, but all the puzzle pieces are needed to bring forth the completeness of the picture.  The eye cannot say he has no need of the little toe, and even if someone’s part seems insignificant, we are not to judge each other, but honor and value one another, working together to give glory to the King, bringing about His purposes




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