Entering in to the “New Thing”

IMG_2070 PART 1

 This is a word of encouragement to the body of Christ to have a song of victory through the gates into your new season.

From Rosh Hashanah through the days of awe I experienced a definite shift, as well as a strong resistance in the spirit realm, as I transitioned from the US to South Africa for this season.

As I was praying and listening intently, the Lord gave me special keys to enter into the “new thing” He is doing, highlighting the path of Joshua. Continue reading “Entering in to the “New Thing””

Changing Room

Table Mountain pic

During the month of November, 2012 the highlight was the Prophetic Conference in Cape Town, the mother-city of South Africa. There were 8 speakers and each one brought that special piece of the puzzle to complete the picture and give us insight into God’s heart for the city, the country and the effect of our prophetic releases over the continent.  This was only the beginning though and in the process we realized Continue reading “Changing Room”

Spirit Strength

The Word of the Lord came to me in a powerful encounter on Friday, June 15th, 2012 while having lunch with a co-minister. This encounter lasted for over an hour and the Spirit ministered powerfully to us with accompanying visions and personal Words.
This is the part that I feel led to share with the body of Christ: Continue reading “Spirit Strength”