Dream Again


I sense the Spirit of the Lord is saying that many in the body of Christ have not stepped into the fullness of their calling yet, either because they have been disheartened, put down, hurt or hindered by the enemy. But now is the time to dream again.  It is time to take up where you have left off and receive fresh hope and vision again to pursue the fulfillment of the prophecies spoken over your life.  It is time to refocus and receive the empowering of the Spirit in the secret place.  It is time to arise and SHINE and WALK INTO YOUR CALL and DESTINY for God’s Glory by agreeing with His Word, which is His will!  Nothing is impossible for those who believe!

The only place where we will ever find fulfillment is in the center of God’s will for our lives.  Many walk around with frustration and a sense of futility, going around the same mountain day after day.  There are many excuses and arguments that can be brought up, but none of it will change the situation.  It is never to late to do what God has put in our hearts!

It is time to come to a place of quiet in our soul and environment and take stock of what God has said to us in the form of prophecy, vision, dream or special encounter; and also to recall the promises made and vows that have been taken before the Lord. Compare that with where you are at and start refocusing by writing down His vision for your life, come in agreement with it and audibly declaring it into your future.  Then set your eyes on Jesus (the Author and Finisher of your faith) to pursue Him with all your heart and, even if there should be delays, be determined to finish the race in His power.

Hab. 2:2:  “Write down the vision and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that reads it.  For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it;  because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

Job 22:28:  “You shall declare a thing and it shall be established”.

Stay disciplined in spending quality time in His Presence, envisioning what He has said, DREAMING and calling it into being (Rom 4:17b), praying much in the Spirit.  Also stir up the gift that is within you. This way the Holy Spirit will guide you and show you things to come (John 16:13), giving you strategy from the Lord to get rightly aligned and walk out His plans and purposes for your life. As you simply obey, His destiny for you shall unfold before your eyes.

The best, most enjoyable, most fulfilling life you can live is when you let the Lord live His life and His will through you.

May God’s grace, favor and blessing abound over you.



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