As we anticipate this coming Sunday’s celebration of Pentecost with great expectancy for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit, let us prepare our hearts to be tender and receptive before Him to do whatever He wants to do in our lives; also staying in an attitude of prayer and intercession for our families, friends, regions and the authorities over us.
WIND, FIRE, RAIN, RIVERS of living waters – becoming a FLOOD……..
Join your voice to those who are welcoming the Holy Spirit to come afresh as the mighty rushing wind (Acts 2:1-4) to blow out the old, as the fire that purifies and then sets us on fire with His anointing for souls with His empowering, as the latter rain for those who are thirsty for more of Him, as the river of life that transforms the desert places into a garden where His people can drink into Him and show forth His praise! (Is.43:19-21)
Let’s welcome the Holy Spirit into every facet of our lives for an outpouring of fresh fire to burn out all the stubble, purify us anew and set us and all in our families and sphere of influence on fire with His power and His love to carry the glory of the Kingdom into every place we set foot.
Let’s pray fervently that the Spirit of Grace will fall on heardened hearts and breathe fresh life into “dead bones”, sweeping in like a flood on every family, every tribe, every nation against the powers of darkness.
Bottom line:  Let’s PRAY unceasingly with the spirit and with our understanding; then speak by revelation, by knowledge, by prophecy or by doctrine to edify the church!
Let the wind blow,
Let the fire fall,
Let the glory come down, Lord!
Let the Spirit come in like a flood
to raise up a standard against the enemy!
And let the Name of the Lord be glorified!
May we all be flooded with His glory
Elsabe Briers-Bakkes
Agape Life Ministries

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