Transitioning is not a very comfortable place to be in. As in nature, when shifting from one season to another, our trees will be pruned to get rid of the unfruitful branches (the dead works of the flesh). God is making Himself heard clearly through dreams, visions and quickening in the spirit. Watch the signposts!

The Gardener might even choose to transplant us to another area of His garden. Likewise, He might call us to a different geographical location. The wind of the Spirit changes direction, temperatures rise and fall, and everything feels very unpredictable and uncertain.

As we are transitioning into the greatest outpouring of God’s glory that the world has not ever seen before, we are given the opportunity to be molded into holy vessels in order to be able to carry that glory and participate in this holy move of God. In this process our fruit will be inspected, our heart’s motives and intentions be exposed by His two-edged sword (Heb.4:12) and we will be pruned – all in order to bear more fruit from abiding in Him, in His Love and in His Word (John 15).


Be aware that the enemy is also knowing about your new season of fulfilled promises and will do his best to DISCOURAGE you, MAKE YOU LOSE HOPE, WEAKEN you by doubt, fear and unbelief in order to prevent you from walking in your inheritance in Christ in the power of the Spirit. This, of course, is the spirit of Jezebel’s primary goal – to cause you to abort your destiny!

The battlefield is your mind (Prov.23:7). Watch the enemy’s attack points and you will know what he is after! Therefore, break out of the cycle of negative thinking and talking, which is a result of it.

Refuse to get distracted, but zoom in by refocusing on the Lord – on what God has said and IS SAYING about your life.

Sanctify yourself wholly unto the Lord – shutting off your senses from the noise pollution around you.

You have a call, a purpose and a destiny in the Kingdom of God, which only you can fulfill. With your unique creative purpose, you have a part in the bigger picture (like a puzzle piece) with certain colors, frequency and purpose in the great design of God for His ultimate glory. You want to be a faithful steward of what He has assigned to you. It is not how big your part is, but whether you fulfill it out of love for Him. We are not our own! We have been bought with a price to live a life of victory, carrying the fragrance of Christ’s victory and help others to break through into victory.

So, CONSECRATE yourself to the Lord afresh – being set apart for His pleasure and HIs glory!

GET INTERTWINED with the DNA of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through deep communion and fellowship with Him.


  • What God has said and is saying – even in old prophecies, visions and dreams.
  • Tune in to your heart’s desires in the Kingdom. There is a new season upon us, and this is PREPARATION time to be perfectly tuned (like a violin) to His frequency in the spirit realm, engaging with the colors and fragrances of heaven. The old has passed away and if you do not let it go, it will be brought to nought anyway. All this preparation is to be ready for the manifestation of His miracle outpouring of glory, in which you will play an active part to bring heaven to earth as a glory carrier.
  • Allow the Lord to PRUNE the unfruitful branches. Recognize it when the grace has lifted off something you have been doing. The new cannot develop fully if you are not prepared to let go of old patterns, structures, things which have become rituals without any anointing on it. Purpose to only do what you see God is doing and only say what you hear Him saying (John 5:19).


  1.  LISTENING IN and WATCHING to what God is saying in your spirit Prov.25:2).
  2.  Write down what you see and hear, setting the vision before your eyes. Without vision for the future, you will lose hope and purpose.
  3.  DECLARE God’s instructions out loud until it becomes embedded in your spirit.
  4. ACT in OBEDIENCE to everything He requires.

Now start aligning yourself to be His ambassador of Kingdom glory in the earth with joyous expectation to be part of His end-time army as a mature sons of God (Romans 8:14;17) ruling and reigning with Christ (Romans 5:17) from above (seated with Christ in heavenly places), bringing heaven to earth!

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