Changing Room

Table Mountain pic

During the month of November, 2012 the highlight was the Prophetic Conference in Cape Town, the mother-city of South Africa. There were 8 speakers and each one brought that special piece of the puzzle to complete the picture and give us insight into God’s heart for the city, the country and the effect of our prophetic releases over the continent.  This was only the beginning though and in the process we realized Continue reading “Changing Room”

Spirit Strength

The Word of the Lord came to me in a powerful encounter on Friday, June 15th, 2012 while having lunch with a co-minister. This encounter lasted for over an hour and the Spirit ministered powerfully to us with accompanying visions and personal Words.
This is the part that I feel led to share with the body of Christ: Continue reading “Spirit Strength”

Faith and Power

The Lord is pouring out His Spirit in dreams and visions and for those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying, pay heed to the prophetic instructions.



I recently saw in a dream how a helicopter was being fueled with a pipeline disappearing into the heavenlies. The Word of the Lord came to me clearly, saying, Continue reading “Faith and Power”

Kingdom Shift

As we all know, 12 is the number for Kingdom Order and Alignment!  Everything that shifts into this order of the Lord will stand, the rest will fall.  Everyone moving in sync with this divine shift in and by the Spirit, will experience an ease and a flow, but those who are insensitive or in resistance to His leading, will find themselves in the “gravel” of the flesh!  Every part of our lives have to come under the reign of the Lord Jesus to experience the Kingdom of abundant life in the Spirit! Continue reading “Kingdom Shift”