Pass Over



During this Passover feast, starting tonight at sundown, I want to encourage everyone of our readers to lean into the Presence of the Lord in worship, let Him wash you with His Word, cleanse you with His blood and empower you with His Spirit, while you deliberately listen in to the divine counsel…….. Setting your face like a flint to “see” in a new way and to hear God’s heart for yourself, you family, the people around you and for your country.  Many will receive new keys for breakthrough to also see others step through the new doors of this glory season.

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Breakthrough Waters

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Recently I visited the Hartbeestpoortdam (outside of Pretoria, South Africa) after the many rains in the area. The sluice gates have been opened and masses of water were bursting through the gates in a mighty roar into the river below.

As I was watching this spectacle, listening to the roar of the waters, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me, saying, Continue reading “Breakthrough Waters”

Entering in to the “New Thing”

IMG_2070 PART 1

 This is a word of encouragement to the body of Christ to have a song of victory through the gates into your new season.

From Rosh Hashanah through the days of awe I experienced a definite shift, as well as a strong resistance in the spirit realm, as I transitioned from the US to South Africa for this season.

As I was praying and listening intently, the Lord gave me special keys to enter into the “new thing” He is doing, highlighting the path of Joshua. Continue reading “Entering in to the “New Thing””