Abiding under His Overshadowing Glory

Every time we come into the secret place, the provision of the Lord is there to meet us in the place of intimate communion, restoring our souls and bonding us with Him in deep love.

The overshadowing though, has a prerequisite: It is for him who chooses to make this secret place his “dwelling” – a place to remain, to stay, to sit and to dwell.

When entering into the silence of His presence, all outward noise ceases.

I am reminded of the strands of an old song,

“His breath, my breath, flowing together. Where does He start and where do I end?”

We breathe deeply into His life-giving Spirit, absorbing His goodness and grace into our inner being. It is a fusion in Spirit – being overshadowed with His loving care, His grace and protection and peace – like a blanket covering you.

Here you find the warm comfort of His intimate embrace and hear the whispers of His heart.

Overshadowed!? Yes, this is what He was talking about in Psalm 91 and He said that he who dwells in this secret place of His Presence, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty! (Elyon)

Dwell comes from the Hebrew Word, Yasah (Yahshev) – to dwell, remain, sit, abide, sit down, have one’s abode. It also talks about us being God’s dwelling place.

When we make our dwelling place in this sacred place of unbroken communion, we will abide under His feathers and we will truly say of the Lord (YHVH) “You are my refuge and my fortress, my God (Elohim) in whom I will trust!”

Trust is so easy here – feeling His loving embrace, loving Him from deep within in total abandonment.

Here He conveys His desires to you, because it is a place of face-to-Face, heart-to-Heart, spirit-to-Spirit. Absorbing it into your being, treasuring it in your heart, brooding on it until it becomes your own heart beat, in sync with His (Just like Mary treasured the Word of the angel in her heart and the Holy Spirit overshadowed her).

As we meditate on this Living Word, it cuts deep – cleansing and washing over us. The Gardener prunes us until the soul is aligned in submission to the “workings” of the Holy Spirit. Repentance and forgiveness are interwoven in the process until the heart pulsates in the same rhythm and frequency with the Rhema Word, bringing transformation.

This living Word is like a refrain going through my mind and overflows through my vocal chords into the airways, framing my future with His goodness!

The Christ be formed in us unto full measure!

Now all the other promises come into effect:

These are awesome blessings, coming from “dwelling” in the secret place of His Presence and abiding under His shadow: Abiding protection, deliverance from snares and pestilence, comforting covering which brings trust and where His truth is your shield.  There are no fears in this place – not by night or by day. No evil or plague will come near your dwelling. You will have angelic protection and trample the enemy under you feet.

Now come the eight beautiful promises of the Lord for those who have set their love on Him and for those who know His name. An intensification of our love communion with Him to the point of “knowing” His name intimately through experience and encounter, brings added blessings: He will deliver you and set you on high. His presence will be with you and your prayers will be answered. He will deliver you and honor you, give you longevity and show you His salvation!

What an inspiration for everyone to choose this dwelling place under the abiding overshadowing!

Under this overshadowing of His goodness there are so many intimate dealings of the Holy Spirit where He reveals His mysteries to the beloved and where we grow into full union in the perfection of love.

This is the endowment for transfiguration. We truly become light and love, which is the clothing of the Bride of Christ. The secret place is her preparation room for the marriage supper of the Lamb!

I see how this overshadowing extends widely over the people in our sphere of influence – as our hearts overflow with that which He graciously imparted to us, compelled by love divine.

Heavenly Father, give us the grace to make Your presence our abode where Your overshadowing glory will extend over us, just like Peter – to bring healing to all who are oppressed by the devil – in Jesus’ powerful Name!

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