After receiving a Prophetic Word that the Lord wanted me to write about my life experiences, it was confirmed by someone who asked me whether I would consider writing a testimony of my victory over cancer.

The unction of the Lord came and the book is now available to inspire those who are going through hard situations to press through until breakthrough comes!


     “We are entering into a time now in the body of Christ where the Lord is releasing to his people wisdom keys, anointings, knowledge and understanding of the deeper things of God.  This will be needed to operate in the last days upon the earth so that we can accomplish our assignments before the return of the Lord to usher in His kingdom.  There are spiritual principles that need to be learned to successfully complete our walk with God and to carry out what He has chosen for us to do. In this book are truths and principles based upon the Word of God that when followed by the leading of the Holy Spirit, can bring you to total victory in the areas that you may need it most.  You will learn how to apply the Word of God to your situation or problem so that the Word can work in your life.  Wisdom keys are given showing how to use worship when you feel it’s your darkest hour.  Prayer secrets along with how to stand in faith to receive answers to your prayers are disclosed.  In addition you will find instruction on making declarations of the Word of God for what you need to happen.  You will be shown how to envision for yourself the desired results that you need to walk in total victory!”

 – Anthony D’Angelo

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Elsabe Briers

A Kindle edition is also available.


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