Whispers in the Silence

Sitting in silence of the early morning. My heart reflecting the still waters of the pond in front of me, mirroring the tree trunks like silent statues. Reminding me of oaks of righteousness, planted by the river of living waters. Aww! He is talking about my meditation before Him.

My eye catches the light on a spider’s string, seemingly suspended in mid-air, it’s silken thread vibrating with rainbow colors in the slight breeze. I marvel at the immense wisdom of Elohim, the Creator of heaven and earth, having His eye on the sparrow, the lilies of the field and a little spider showing off His creative genius. How much more does He value His children!

My heart overflows in exuberant praise, mixed with tongues flowing from my belly in living streams as His presence washes over me. How good is our God! How mighty! How praiseworthy! How generous in His love – inspiring me to be generous with the provision He has given me! Generous in love, grace, mercy, lovingkindness, encouragement, uplifting, practical help in the needs of others in whichever form.

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