40 Day Prayer for SA

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A Call to Prayer for our National Elections
Joan Keeling, van die Nelson Mandelabaai Gebedsnetwerk writes:
    Intercessors and Prayer Warriors throughout South Africa have felt the need to call the Church to prayer and fasting during the run-up to our SA National Elections.

    As the Prayer Network in NMB, we want to humbly ask all congregations in NMB to respond positively to this National call, as we feel that it is of the utmost importance at this critical time in our South African history.
    Leaders from different Prayer Networks met on Friday, 7 February in Pretoria, to discuss the prayer strategy for the upcoming National Elections to be held on 7 May 2014. They agreed on a 40day partial fast from 1 March – 9 April, with a special appeal for all Christians to join in a 3 day (liquids only) fast on the last 3 days (7 – 9 April).
    I have attached Election Prayer Guidelines:

Prayer Guide for the 2014 General Elections in South Africa
Compiled by Jericho Walls Prayer Network
Strategy: We encourage churches, communities, prayer groups, prayer watches and
individuals to take 40 days of focused prayer from 1 March till 9 April to pray for the
elections. We also ask Christians to fast and pray 7-9 April.
Give Him no rest… (Isa.62:7) And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and
night to Him, though He bears long with them? (Luke 18:7)
1. Pray for cities and towns to call for half-nights of prayer or other prayer vigils to pray
for the upcoming elections and our country to turn back to the God of the Bible. Ask
that churches and Christian ministries will implement definite and regular times of
prayer during this month for the elections and the incoming government.
2. Proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ over this nation. Proclaim that the Lord Jesus is
the Shepherd of this nation Psalm 23:1 and not the ancestors or any living or past
presidents or any other leaders.
3. Proclaim that the God of heaven is the Father of this nation “our Father in heaven”
Matthew 6:9. It is important to proclaim the fatherhood of God over South Africa.
Declare Jesus Christ as the Shepherd and the Holy Spirit as the Guide of South Africa.
4. “Hallowed be Your name” Matthew 6:9 Pray for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to
be honoured and exalted over this nation and in every sector of society. Pray that all
forms and interpretations of secularism, humanism and scepticism will be destroyed.
5. “Your Kingdom Come” Mathew 6: 10 Let us pray together that the outcome of the
2014 elections will advance God’s Kingdom in South Africa. Pray for His will to be
done in every sector of South African society. Pray that every other kingdom whether
human, demonic or occult, ancient or modern, foreign or indigenous, private or public,
will give way to the Kingdom of our God, His righteousness and His justice.
6. “Your will be done” Matt.6:12 It is important to know whom the Lord has chosen to
lead South Africa in the next election. Let us pray for clarity of mind and soberness so
that people (Christians and non-Christians) will be able to discern whom the Lord has
chosen in the season. Let us pray that during the 2014 elections God-fearing leaders
will be elected. Ask the Lord for people with integrity and a servant attitude. For the
National Assembly 400 members need to be elected. From the national party lists 200
will be elected and the other 200 are elected from provincial party lists in each of the
nine provinces.
7. “Give us this day our daily bread” Mathew 6:11 Let us ask God to break the yoke of
poverty and unemployment and also the systems that support it in the nation.
8. “And forgive us our sins (debts) as we forgive those who sin against us” Matthew 6:12
Let us pray that the Holy Spirit through forgiveness and reconciliation, will continue to
renew the hearts and minds of the people in South Africa. Let us take the opportunity to
confess the sins of the nation (idolatry, witchcraft, sorcery, sexual perversion and
immorality, corruption, injustice and bloodshed, etc.) nor accusing others but admit that
all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:16). In obedience let us
forgiveness over all those who have sinned against us. Ask the Lord for leaders who
will not lead the nation into sin, promote iniquity and corruption but who will restore
righteousness and justice.
9. “And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one” Matthew 6:13. It
is important to ask the Lord to deliver this nation from temptation and the evil one. Let
us petition heaven that no leaders who are agents of the evil one, will win the elections
in 2014. Witchcraft, mind control and different occult practices are used during
elections by political candidates. Pray that God will destroy the effect of all such
10. “For yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever” Matthew 6:13. Let us
rededicate South Africa to God and His purposes.
11. Pray that lies and false promises by political parties and candidates will be exposed.
Pray for all those involved in illegal practices, such as money-laundering, bribery and
fraud, to be exposed publicly, be found guilty, and serve a prison term. Also ask for
their salvation and rehabilitation to play an effective role in society.
12. Let us pray against tribalism in politics. Tribal politics ignores competency and focus
on tribe or race. Let us reject tribal politics and the witchcraft that is associated with it.
Let us pray against every form of tribal witchcraft that clouds the judgment of people
during elections.
13. Let us pray for the church, the people of God, to turn back and to surrender to God: “If
My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My
face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive
their sin and heal their land” 2 Chronicles 7:14.
14. Pray that the media will be unbiased in reporting on the elections will not be used to
incite people to violence or emotionally manipulate people.
15. Pray that politicians will not misuse the church of Jesus Christ to further their own
ambitions and to gain votes.
16. It is important for the Church to be a prophetic voice during this time. Pray that the
church will preach the Word fearlessly and boldly. Pray that the church will not be
afraid to point out sin or wrongdoing. The task of the church, amongst other things, is
a) to pray, b) to stand for Biblical truth and godly values, c) to encourage Christians to
vote, d) not participating in lies, half truths, corruption and cover-ups, e) not causing
division and f) not being involved in negative/evil talk and accusations. As Christians
we have to pray without prejudice, compromise, or fear of man.
17. There is already unrest, strikes and violence in the nation, false rumors, accusations,
emotional hurts from the past, racism between all the ethnic groups, poor service
delivery and the economic situation in the nation can all contribute to violence. Pray for
peace to cover the nation in the run-up to the elections, the election date and after the
18. Pray for a free and fair election. For the ICE: that there will be no corruption; effective
administration; competent people to do the work effectively and efficiently; ballot
boxes to be delivered on time; training of volunteers and that the volunteers will be paid
afterwards; that resources for the elections will not be misused, that identity documents
be handled in the correct and lawful way. Pray for polling day: that there will be peace
in the hearts of people coming to vote, and that no acts of violence, manipulation or
intimidation will take place. Ask that people will not be discouraged or hindered to
vote, and that no ballot boxes will be tampered with. Pray for the police to be able to
handle and control all sorts of resistance and rebellion.

    Our desire is for you to please distribute these Prayer Guides as far and wide as possible. Also, please attempt to involve whole congregations (adults and youth) in praying for our nation. If your church is unable to participate in the 40day fast, please make an effort to participate in fasting for the last 3 days. If you are able, please think of gathering corporate prayer meetings, as often as possible, during the 40 days – especially during the last 3 days.
    Prayer teams organized by the SA Prayer Movement for Change are already travelling throughout our country, province by province, motivating prayer for the elections. This group will be visiting NMB on Monday 3 March 2014.