Day 20 – Divine Love


Day 20 – Divine Love

My testimony in this time of our prayer focus is that I have noticed that the Lord has given me greater love for the people who are easily wounded.  Maybe because I am an artist too, I have noticed how easily artistic people get hurt, because they are often very much misunderstood (just like prophetic people) and rejected and wounded.  Just because someone is different than us, we cannot just discard them because of their somewhat peculiar behavior at times.  We need to see everyone from the perspective of heaven, asking the Lord to help us treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves. (Matt.7:12).  That works!

Love is the way that always conquers!  And it is also the breastplate (together with faith) upon our hearts that protects us against hurt (meaning that when we truly love others in spite of their behavior, we can easily forgive), although we can still stand for truth (speaking the truth in love).

Let’s make a study of 1 Cor. 13 again

Prayer:  Father, Your Kingdom is a Kingdom of Love, because You are Love.  We ask, let Your Kingdom come in our hearts.  Endow us with a divine love-anointing by the Holy Spirit to love our brothers and sisters without pointing the finger at them – to love them out of their sin with Your love and Your holy standard.   Let Your Name be glorified in and through our love for You and one another.  Bring heaven down to earth, Lord through Your love.  That is Your will:  to love You above all (without compromise) and others as ourselves.

DECLARATIONS – in Jesus’ Name

* We declare that we will daily give ourselves to You, Lord as vessels of love – to love You and worship You as our First Love

* We will love others with Your Love, Lord, for Your glory – into the Kingdom, setting an example of pure, holy, unconditional Love.

* We will war with the weapon of divine Love, pray with divine Love, heal the sick with Your divine Love

* Because we have come to know You, who are Love, we will continuously be filled with divine Love to shine it into the darkness – for Your glory!


* We will continue to intercede for the lost, the hurting, the wounded, those that are bound because of Your love, Lord.

* Because of our love for You, Lord, we will continue to pursue You for who You are in all the dimensions of Your love.

* Because of Your love, mercy and grace we believe that You will rescue those that we are praying and interceding for and break their chains, set the captives free, heal the broken-hearted and give them beauty for ashes, oil of joy for mourning and garments of praise for heaviness.  (Is.61)  Amen.








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