Winds of Destiny and Victory

Dr. Mario Maxwell:
The Winds of Destiny and Victory Are Blowing On You!

Dr. Mario MaxwellArise!

We are living in an hour where the manifestation of God’s power and authority are ready to break out amongst His people! There is such intensity in the realm of the spirit! The womb of the spirit is pregnant with the possibilities of God! The womb is a place of darkness, and even though it may seem dark in your life right now, know that even in the midst of your darkest situation, light is about to break forth!

God is saying, “It’s time for you to ARISE and be radiant with My glory, for your LIGHT has come, and My glory is upon you to break you through!”

We have entered into a time of divine visitation, and God is lighting a path by that which you begin to declare in the midst of your situation!Like a lamp unto your feet, as you begin to speak the Word of the Lord, you will see God light a path that will lead you into your finest hour!

Yet, for many people, it can be difficult to hear and even harder to believe that their finest hour is upon them, because their circumstances and all of the hardships in their lives forbid them from walking in this dimension by faithIt takes an extreme faith to break out of extreme situations, and many of us, at one time or another have found ourselves in some of the most disastrous, destitute circumstances of our lives.

Do You Believe God is Able?

Dry bonesIn Ezekiel 37, the Prophet Ezekiel was carried in the Spirit to a valley of dry bones. These bones represented the house of Israel, but also speak of structures, as well as anything that has been dead for so long it no longer even resembles its former appearance. God led Ezekiel to walk around the dry bones, and in verse 2, the Bible makes three things very clear: (Photo by Kiril Kapustin)

1. Ezekiel had to walk around the bones very many times.
2. The amount of bones was enormous, so much so that they couldn’t be counted.
3. The bones were very dry.

The amount of detail that the Prophet goes into about the bones speaks to the fact that he was in the midst of a situation that he could not easily escape, walk through, or just gloss over. God specifically had him going around in circles so that he could get a detailed look at the condition of the bones he was in the midst of. In the same way, many of us have been in the midst of situations we could not escape.

Whether it be troubles in relationships, churches, ministries, finances, sickness, depression, divorce, abandonment, we’ve been facing the same problems that we’ve not been able to break out of! Every time it seems like we get free, it seems like we’re right back in the same place we started out! Season after season, over and over again, we’re made to go around the same problems and issues!

Walking around a dead situation long enough can sometimes dampen even the most brilliant and powerful faith! However, it’s just these times where God comes to us and asks us like He asked Ezekiel, “Can these dry bones live?”

After you have heard the darkest and most depressing news, do you still believe that God is able? What you have to realize is that in your trying times and dark moments, you’re not walking around bones, you’re walking around a TESTIMONY that is waiting! You’re literally walking around prophecy in the making!

FaithGod’s question to Ezekiel was never about the bones. What God was really asking Ezekiel was, “Where is the limit to your faith?” After seeing all the death and devastation, God needs someone who will rise up and declare,“MY GOD IS STILL ABLE!” That is what God is looking for TODAY! God needs your voice to declare His power! Someone around you needs to hear that God is still able to save, heal, deliver, defend, provide, heal, and bring victory! (Photo via Flickr by Jonathan Lin)

The answer our generation gives to the question of “Can these bones live?” is going to determine the level of revival and breakthrough that we experience throughout the world. We would be wise to examine Ezekiel’s answer if we want to see similar results. Although succinct, Ezekiel’s answer is incredibly complex, because the statement, “O Lord God, Thou knowest,” is not spoken in frustration, it is spoken in reverential awe in worship to the God of all creation!

The word “knowest” in the Hebrew gives the idea of someone who is intimately acquainted with the details of the situation, so much so that they are in touch with its DNA! Literally, what Ezekiel was saying to God is, “You know the situation better than anyone, and if anybody can make these bones live, it’s You!”


Start Prophesying!

When God saw Ezekiel’s faith arise to the challenge, the answer was simple:START PROPHESYING! The faith that God is releasing in this hour is going to bring the manifestation of His power and authority in some of the darkest places in our lives! What we have to do is believe God with everything we’ve got and speak out what HE SAYS!

He told Ezekiel to prophesy to the dry bones and command them to listen to the Word of the Lord! Right now creation is moaning and groaning, waiting for the Word of the Lord to bring forth God’s manifestation, but it can’t because the sons have not arisen to declare the Word of the Lord! It’s time for YOU to arise and declare what God is saying to this generation!

As Ezekiel began to prophesy and declare God’s will, the release of faith and authority began to cause a shaking! Right now God is shaking things loose in the heavenlies and in the earth! As the Bible says in Haggai 2:6, “For thus saith the LORD of hosts; ‘Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land…'” As we look throughout the world, things are being shaken, but don’t be afraid! It is all a part of God’s plan to bring forth restoration, restitution, and revival for His people!

Spirit of God, breathe in meThe word that Ezekiel began to declare brought forth God’s manifestation, but it was incomplete because there was no breath in the regenerated bodies. In the same way, the things that we are creating and visions of our churches, ministries, families, businesses, etc. will not be complete until they are filled with the breath of the Spirit!

The Wind of Destiny

Right now, God is releasing a fresh wind upon us, the wind of destiny, to blow us into our purpose and into our future! Winds are the vehicle of the spirit realm. From Moses to Elijah, even to the Day of Pentecost, the winds of God have all played a part in bringing God’s will into the earth! I am declaring to you today that the four winds are about to bring you into your place of purpose, power, prosperity, and passion as you are delivered into destiny!(Photo via faithactivators.com)

• I declare that the winds of destiny are being released over you right now!

• I declare that the north wind is bringing forth God’s presence and rain!

• I declare that the east wind is blowing to bring judgment to the forces of darkness in your life and release you into righteousness!

• I declare that the west wind of God is bringing forth God’s mercy and God’s miracles in your life!

• I declare that the south wind is releasing God’s blessing and provision as you walk according to His ways!

This is your finest hour! Receive the winds of destiny and rejoice!

Yours in releasing the fullness of your God-given destiny,

Dr. Mario Maxwell
New Divine Destiny Christian Center / Mario Maxwell International Ministries

Email: admin@mmim.org
Website: mydestinymentor.com / mariomaxwell.com

Dr. Mario Maxwell is an international prophetic voice that has traveled and ministered extensively across the globe, carrying an apostolic and prophetic anointing to advance the Kingdom in churches, cities, states, and nations. His travels have been filled with signs, miracles, transformed lives, and revival. As Senior Pastor of New Divine Destiny Christian Center, Dr. Maxwell leads a thriving, multi-cultural apostolic and prophetic Body of worshippers on the path to destiny.


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